Celebrating The British Countryside & Bringing The Outside In

At Glebe House Designs, I carefully craft beautiful silhouettes using feathers collected from the Wiltshire countryside to create truly head-turning pieces for your home.  Each piece of art is handmade and contains a slightly different set of feathers, creating your own unique picture.


I offer designs using partridge, pheasant & duck feathers across a wide range of silhouettes - take a look at the online shop for some of our current designs. Custom designs are available. Please contact me with any enquiries. I love to bring your ideas alive and help people create that beautiful, eye-catching gift that they love.


I hold a small amount of stock but find that making the pieces to order works the best so that if you wish you can choose the feathers, size and colour of the mount. Browse our selection online to see what feathers your fancy!

All the materials are responsibly sourced, using FSC approved paper and wood in our frames and recycling as much of our packaging as possible. I care about our environment and understand that even a small business has its own environmental footprint. 


Please do get in touch if you have any questions. I'd love to hear you. 

Feather: noun - any of the flat appendages growing from a bird's skin and forming its plumage.