• Victoria Pickford


Any piece you buy or commission from me can be personalised with your own choice of text at no extra cost. These make superb presents for people you love. Whether it be their name, a special date, a favourite phrase or saying. Please see a few examples below and contact me if you have any questions.

I love these pieces so much. The feathers add such beautiful depth and colour to the pictures and I work really hard on the silhouettes to capture the essence and character of your pet (if indeed it's a pet I'm doing).

It is also possible to pick which feathers you like the most (subject to availability of course!) - I collect all the feathers from the Wiltshire/ Dorset countryside and do not import any feathers from abroad as that would really mess with my morals. Sometimes it is tempting when I've run out or need something special but keeping things local & simple is really important to me.

I hope you enjoy looking and if you have any questions about anything feathery, please just ask. You can send me an email through the contact form on my website.

Take care and here's to making the best of whatever 2021 is bringing! Victoria x

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